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neo-luxury emerges from a new set of values for a new era of consumerism. we want for luxury to mean something again, and we want to be a part of this movement by delivering high-quality accessories that leave a deeper imprint in the society.

biomaterials are biopolymers that have been revolutionizing traditional textile-fabrication methods. they range from synthetic leather made from mushroom roots, nylon processed from castor oil to fabrics spun from spider silk.

our plant-based materials are responsibly imported from multiple countries such as mexico [desserto], netherlands [fruitleather], spain [pinatex] etc. which have birthed patented technologies to fabricate them.

while we ensure every piece meets our sustainable criterion, we have also begun building relationships with malai [kerala, india] and are on the lookout for fleather [uttar pradesh, india] to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

to enhance the life of your accessories, we strongly recommend you follow the care instructions provided with your purchase. if you have specific questions, please drop us an email at

all the information about our materials, craftsmen and artisans is available on our website. we are proud to answer your #whomademyaccessory question on our community page

our pieces are meticulously handcrafted by highly skilled, yet undervalued craftsmen and artisans across india. since we do not believe in an inventory of factory-produced commodities, devoid of artistic value; most of our pieces are available only on order.

yes, we ship worldwide. all queries related to orders [shipping, exchange/return, etc.] are answered in our terms and conditions section.

we not only take a zero-plastic and zero-waste approach to our packaging but also use locally sourced wildflower seed paper to print tags, labels, etc. every element is either recycled or strategically designed to be reused.

if you’re interested in any piece on view [on our website or instagram feed], please email us at